Agriculture & Construction

NATC provides a large variety of testing and engineering services for vehicles and vocational equipment for the construction and agricultural sectors.  Including reliability testing, and beyond, manufacturers and end users need to be confident that their system not only meets the applicable regulations and standards, but also excels within its market segment.  We conduct mobility, reliability, and durability evaluations, and independent performance comparisons on platforms ranging from small all-terrain utility vehicles to large earth-moving equipment such as road graders and compactors.  We conduct testing for all types of vehicles and equipment to SAE, ISO, ASABE standards, and many others.

We offer the following testing services, among many others, to meet the evolving needs of the construction and agricultural equipment market sectors.

Durability/Reliability Testing – We design durability testing for all platforms and duty cycles.  We leverage our geographic diversity and our custom-designed test courses to develop terrain mileage, operating time, and vocational use cases to quickly examine the response of the vehicle to a wide variety of conditions in the field.

Environmental Testing – In our environmental chambers, harsh climatic conditions including extreme heat and cold, blowing dust, humidity, corrosion, and much more are simulated to test the operating characteristics and reliability of vehicles and equipment.


NATC tests all types of construction vehicles and equipment for mobility over rough terrain, soft soil, and steep grades.  For durability evaluations, we create test courses tailored to specific vocational tasks.  Additionally, our equipment operators exercise special-purpose equipment according to its operational environment and duty cycles.


We have experience testing many types of specialized agricultural equipment for reliability, mobility, and many aspects of performance, from riding mowers and ATVs to large tractors and sprayers.  We design tests to support development efforts toward OECD tractor testing, including consumption of fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), with high-resolution measurements of fuel consumption that can be used for life cycle costs, or subdivided by operating modes.  We also conduct sound level and noise testing, both exterior and interior, for any platform.


Agriculture & Construction Vehicle Engineering Services