Standardized Test List

NATC conducts a comprehensive array of performance testing. The proving grounds capabilities are not limited to these standardized tests. NATC has the flexibility and experience to design special tests to meet a client’s specialized testing needs. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific test, we would be happy to assist with all your testing needs.

Standardized Test List:


ASTM E274 – Standard Test Method for Skid Resistance of Paved Surfaces Using a Full-Scale Tire

ASTM E445 – Standard Test Method for Stopping Distance on Paved Surfaces Using a Passenger Vehicle Equipped with Full-Scale Tires

ASTM E1136 – Standard Specification for P195/75R14 Radial Standard Reference Test Tire

ASTM F377 – Standard Practice for Calibration of Braking/Tractive Measuring Devices for Testing Tires

ASTM F408 – Standard Test Method for Tires for Wet Traction in Straight-Ahead Braking, Using a Towed Trailer

ASTM F870 – Standard Practice for Tread Footprints of Passenger Car Tires Groove Area Fraction and Dimensional Measurements

ASTM F1016 – Standard Practice for Linear Tire Treadwear Data Analysis

ASTM F1426 – Standard Practice for Identifying Tire Tread Surface Irregular Wear Patterns Resulting from Tire Use

ASTM F1650 – Standard Practice for Evaluating Tire Traction Performance Data under Varying Test Conditions

ASTM F1805 – Standard Test Method for Single Wheel Driving Traction in a Straight Line on Snow and Ice-Covered Surfaces

ASTM F1922 – Standard Test Method for Tires, Pneumatic, Vehicular, Highway

ASTM E1925 – Specification for Engineering and Design Criteria for Rigid Wall Relocatable Structures


ERDC (Engineer Research Development Center) and NATC

ERDC/GSL SR-13-2 – Procedures for One-Pass Vehicle Cone Index (VCI1) Determination for Acquisition Support



EEC/ECE 324 Regulation 13 – Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Vehicles of Categories M, N and O with Regard to Braking



FMVSS 105 – Hydraulic and electric brake systems

FMVSS 111 – Rear visibility

FMVSS 121 – Air brake systems

FMVSS 122 – Motorcycle brake systems

FMVSS 135 – Light vehicle brake systems

FMVSS 136 – Electronic stability control systems for heavy vehicles

FMVSS 216 – Roof crush resistance

CMVSS 1106 – Noise emission



ISO 3888 -1 and -2 – Road vehicles – Test Procedure for a Severe Lane-change Manoeuvre — 3888 -1 Double Lane Change & 3888 -2 Obstacle Avoidance, Moose Test

ISO 2631 – Mechanical vibration and shock — Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration

ISO 6597 – Road Vehicles — Hydraulic Braking Systems, Including Those with Electronic Control Functions, for Motor Vehicles — Test Procedures

ISO 7635 – Road vehicles — Air and Air/Hydraulic Braking Systems of Motor Vehicles, Including Those with Electronic Control Functions — Test Procedures

ISO 18106 – Passenger Car, Commercial Vehicle, Truck and Bus Tyres — Methods for Measuring Snow Grip Performance — Loaded New Tyres


SDDCTEA (Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Transportation Engineering Agency)

MI 55-19 – Tiedown Instructions for Rail Movements



MIL-STD-209 – Interface Standard for Lifting and Tiedown Provisions

MIL-STD-810 – Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests

MIL-STD-913 – Requirements for the Certification of Sling Loaded Military Equipment for External Transportation by Department of Defense Helicopters

MIL-STD-1472 – Human Engineering

MIL-STD-1474 – Noise Limits



AVTP 03-30 – Steering and Maneuverability

AVTP 30-160 – Dynamic Stability



NFPA 414, Standard for Aircraft Rescue and Fire-Fighting Vehicles

NFPA 412, Standard for Evaluating Aircraft Rescue and Fire-Fighting Foam Equipment



SAE AS8090 – Mobility, Towed Aerospace Ground Equipment, General Requirements for

SAE J46 – Wheel-Slip Brake-Control System Road Test Code

SAE J47 – Maximum Sound Level Potential for Motorcycles

SAE J57 – Sound Level of Highway Truck Tires

SAE J88 – Sound Measurement – Off-Road Work Machines – Exterior

SAE J134 – Brake System Road Test Code – Passenger Car and Light-Duty Truck-Trailer Combinations

SAE J201 – In-Service Brake Performance Test Procedure Passenger-Car and Light-Duty Truck

SAE J331 – Sound Levels for Motorcycles

SAE J336 – Sound Level for Truck Cab Interior

SAE J341 – Truck and Bus Tire Performance Requirements and Test Procedures

SAE J345 – Wet or Dry Pavement Passenger Car Tire Peak and Locked Wheel Braking Traction

SAE J366 – Exterior Sound Level for Heavy Trucks and Buses

SAE J374 – Vehicle Roof Strength Test Procedure

SAE J872 – Drawbar Test Procedure for Construction, Forestry, and Industrial Machines

SAE J880 – Brake System Rating Test Code-Commercial Vehicles

SAE J1040 – Performance Criteria for Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) for Construction

SAE J1100 – Motor Vehicle Dimensions

SAE J1247 – Simulated Mountain-Brake Performance Test Procedure

SAE J1269 – Rolling Resistance Measurement for Passenger Car, Light Truck, and Highway Truck and Bus Tires

SAE J1287 – Measurement of Exhaust Sound Pressure Levels of Stationary Motorcycles

SAE J1379 – Rolling Resistance Measurement Procedure for Highway Truck and Bus Tires

SAE J1477 – Measurement of Interior Sound Levels of Light Vehicles

SAE J1729 – Parking Brake Drawbar Pull Test Procedure—Truck and Bus

SAE J1981 – Road Hazard Impact Test for Wheel and Tire Assemblies (Passenger Car, Light Truck, and Multipurpose Vehicles)

SAE J1987 – Force and Moment Test Method

SAE J2014 – Pneumatic Tire/Wheel/Runflat Assembly Qualifications for Military Tactical Wheeled Vehicles

SAE J2180 – A Tilt Table Procedure for Measuring the Static Rollover Threshold for Heavy Trucks

SAE J2181 – Steady-State Circular Test Procedure for Trucks and Buses

SAE J2188 – Commercial Truck and Bus SAE Recommended Procedure for Vehicle Performance

SAE J2429 – Free-Rolling Cornering Test for Truck and Bus Tires

SAE J2536 – Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Road Test Evaluation Procedure for Trucks, Truck-Tractors and Buses

SAE J2721 – Recommended Corrosion Test Methods for Commercial Vehicle Components



TOP 1-1-014 – Ride Dynamics and Evaluation of Human Exposure to Whole Body Vibration

TOP 1-2-501 – Rail Impact Testing

TOP 2-2-002 – Dynamic Stability, Handling and Steering

TOP 2-2-500 – Vehicle Characteristics

TOP 2-2-501 – Swimming Tests – Tracked and Wheeled

TOP 2-2-602 – Acceleration – Maximum and Minimum Speeds

TOP 2-2-603 – Vehicle Fuel Consumption

TOP 2-2-604 – Drawbar Pull

TOP 2-2-607 – Cooling Systems (Automotive)

TOP 2-2-608 – Braking, Wheeled Vehicles

TOP 2-2-609 – Wheeled Vehicle Steering

TOP 2-2-610 – Gradeability & Side Slope Performance

TOP 2-2-611 – Standard Obstacles

TOP 2-2-612 – Fording

TOP 2-2-800 – Center of Gravity

TOP 3-2-812 – Field of Vision – Vehicles

ITOP 1-2-505 – Testing With Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs)


NATC NV Proving Grounds Standardized Test List