Driver Training

Train with NATC. We are Experts in Professional Driver Training

NATC develops driver training courses based on over 60 years of experience as vehicle operators, training instructors, and test engineers. We provide an all-encompassing curriculum to prepare operators for driving the vehicles, understanding the vehicle to terrain interface, and utilizing 100% of the vehicle’s capability. Our training courses range from basic driver and trail experiences up to advanced driver training, and specific training such as ROHVA UTV classes, tire-blowout training, and high speed driver training. We tailor our programs to our customers’ needs, goals, and skill levels.

NATC has a vast test facility with access to over 6,200 acres of proving grounds, 735 acres of snow and ice covered terrain in West Yellowstone, MT, and local access to Sand Mountain Recreational Area. With these facilities, we can replicate most any terrain required for a well-rounded and complete driver training program, whether it be high performance/high speed driver training, or training on virgin snow and ice covered roads. Our list of clients is extensive and includes law enforcement agencies, military groups, large corporations, and individuals.

We offer training courses for a wide variety of vehicle operating scenarios, including:

  • Private passenger vehicles
  • Tactical and combat military vehicles
  • Tractor trailer combinations
  • Commercial and school buses
  • Law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances
  • Public service vehicles
  • Heavy equipment

Specific training courses include:

  • Operator Training, New Equipment Training
    NATC develops operator and maintainer new equipment training (NET) courses for the military. These NET courses establish baselines for Program of Instruction training courses to be given to every operator prior to being licensed to operate a military vehicle in accordance with Motor Vehicle Licensing Official’s Manual.
  • Tire Blowout Training
    NATC instructors coach students while they experience tire blowouts and other hazards in a controlled setting. Upon completion of training, a driver will have the knowledge to cope with similar situations that occur in real life.
  • ROHVA Basic Driver Course and Open Trail Experience
    NATC has registered ROHVA instructors on staff to complete the required 1-day course on beginner safety and operational training on UTVs.

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Driver Training