The Future of
Automotive Testing


New methods. New areas of knowledge. New activity. This is the definition of ‘pioneer,’ and we epitomize it. Routine testing? We have you covered. But what gets our engines going is real R&D — accelerated durability testing, environmental testing, blast testing, testing for amphibious vehicles. Our capabilities are vast, our willingness is unwavering.


Engineering and grey area — sounds like an unlikely pair. But at NATC, the grey area is where we thrive. Our customers come to us with myriad problems (vague to specific, quick-to-solve to crazy challenging) — problems that can only be solved by a curious mind. And we take it from there, making it our job to not only find an answer, but define the question to begin with. From systemic to specific, we relish in the unknown.


The pioneers. The explorers. The question askers. Our kind knows there’s no such thing as a direct path to discovery. Comprehensive services, assets, facilities, and support mean nothing goes uncovered. And in our business, oversights aren’t an option. We take responsibility for delivering useful solutions that are timely and cost effective. Questioning standards instead of seeing them as a blocker — that’s comprehensive.


While we like to take credit where credit is due, we also know that collaboration is key to our success. We don’t subscribe to a traditional “client/vendor” relationship. Our most successful outcomes happen when we work in concert together. Collaboration is the only way we stay on the cutting edge. And once we’re at that edge, we have no qualms about sharing our solutions with the world.

Unique (No, really.)

We’re not frivolous when we say we’re unique — there is no one else like us. What we offer is comprehensive and cutting edge, and where we offer it adds to our individuality. 85% of every type of the world’s terrain is within a 150-mile radius of NATC in Lyon County, Nevada. Paired with our dedicated winter test facility near West Yellowstone, our locations offer projects the best grounds for evaluation. Very few outfits do engineering, fabrication, and testing — and none do it in places like ours.


Testing Solutions

User Evaluations

NATC develops user evaluations based on our extensive experience as vehicle operators, training instructors, and test engineers.  Our all-encompassing curricula prepare users not only for driving the vehicles, but also for understanding the vehicle-to-terrain interface and how to apply that understanding to performance specifications or requirements.

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NATC is at the forefront of full vehicle performance testing for both commercial and military vehicle platforms, from small utility vehicles up to modern military tanks. Our available test bed for performance evaluations includes braking, acceleration, maximum speed, steady state stability, and dynamic steering and handling on both on- and off-road surfaces.

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Electronic Systems

NATC rigorously tests the electronic and electrical systems that are essential to the safe and proper operation of every new vehicle that rolls off the production line.  These systems constantly increase in complexity, and we are committed to making sure that every unforeseen circumstance and behavioral anomaly is accounted for when proving that electronic systems will operate correctly.

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