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NATC can aid the customer in the structural design of vehicle assemblies with original finite element models or in the validation or modification of a customer provided finite element or dynamic analysis. Finite element models can be fine tuned at NATC with modal analysis techniques and controlled loading tests in our laboratories.

Often, data from one of NATC's instrumented vehicles, the Dynamic Force Measurement Vehicle (DFMV), is correlated with vehicle dynamics results to trace the attenuation or gain of energy through the vehicle. The combination and correlation of road surface data and vehicle dynamics data is used in NATC's accelerated life testing methodology for accelerating vehicle fatigue. The longer wavelengths from the road survey are used to understand drive train inputs and power demands for vehicles.

Predictions of vehicle response and durability with widely varying ground surfaces and operational modes can be useful to the customer before and during the initial design phase and in the design modification process. NATC can develop mathematical simulations of the stochastic and deterministic elements of ground surface trends and irregularities in elevation and other spatially dependent properties. NATC has the expertise to develop continuous dynamic models of multi-body systems, especially relating to vehicle suspensions and sub-assemblies, and can simulate the force and displacement inputs of the ground surface model to the vehicle system model.

NATC also has the expertise and resources to apply this technology to active and semi-active suspension systems in both developmental programs and evaluation of existing systems.

The engineering center at NATC has in-house computer aided drafting capabilities to transfer original engineering designs and suggested modifications to the customer. Coupled with our test courses, data acquisition and advanced engineering analysis abilities, NATC can provide the customer with the complete services necessary to see a product through to a successful design for the required performance.

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