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NATC Tire Testing - Silver Springs, NV and West Yellowstone, MT

NATC's Silver Springs Proving Ground

The Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC), a subsidiary of Hodges Transportation, is a leader in developmental and production tire testing. From motorcycles to passenger cars to trucks to earthmovers and agricultural equipment, NATC has developed test methods to evaluate and optimize tire and suspension performance over a broad range of on- and off- road conditions. NATC engineers have assisted in carcass design and compound development, and tailoring tests to provide solutions in a timely and effective manner. Single-wheel traction and braking for 13-inch through 24.5-inch tires, dynamic x-ray, dynamic temperatures probes (thermocouples in the rotating tire), and computer simulation are devices typically employed by NATC for the evaluation.

Tire Testing Capabilities

At NATC we have a full range of tire testing, including developmental, mobility, reliability, and environmental tests, to include but are not limited to:

  • Bead/Rim Slip
  • Footprints
  • Thermal Profile
  • Deflections
  • Fuel Economy
  • Sequentially Advanced Accelerated Wear and Durability (SAAWAD)
  • Complete On-Board Data Acquisition Equipment
  • Spring and Damping Measurements
  • Computer Modeling and Simulation
  • Cornering Forces
  • Accelerated Tread Wear
  • Bead Roll Off/ Unseat
  • Survivable Tire Systems (STS)
  • Puncture Resistance
  • High Speed Operation (150 MPH)
  • Ton Mile Per Hour
  • Mechanical Durability
  • Tread Wear
  • Rib/Lug Tear Resistance
  • Cut Resistance
  • Single Wheel Traction
  • Drawbar Pull
  • Braking
  • Runflat
  • Closed Course
  • mu/Alpha
  • Noise
  • Traction
  • Ride Characteristics
  • Handling Characteristics
  • Mobility
  • Catastrophic Failure

    Tire Testing - Silver Springs Proving Ground

    With over 50 years of experience NATC is one of the largest independent proving grounds in the world. Our Silver Springs, NV location offers over 3,000 miles of defined test courses and a wide array of off-site test areas. NATC offers a comprehensive approach to tire testing for both commercial and military vehicle platforms. With the ability to represent over 85% of the world's terrain, test 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, NATC has logged over 40 million test miles on over 1,000 different vehicles and vehicle systems. From prototype through production vehicle evaluations to modeling, analysis, and simulation, NATC's dedicated tire test department is inimitable.

    Winter Tire Testing - West Yellowstone

    NATC has the ability to prepare tire test surfaces ranging from virgin snow over a packed snow base, to a hard packed snow base that may be encountered on traffic-packed highway surfaces. Courses are wheel packed as fresh snow accumulates providing a base of snow, packed to a depth of three to six inches. All vehicle handling areas are consistently maintained. In addition to maintaining the snow base, a road grader cuts the surface after the base is packed to a uniform compaction. This method is also used several times during the testing period, providing customers with uniformity. Prior to the courses being re-packed and re-groomed all loose snow and debris are removed.

    Surface Conditions

  • Virgin-Fresh Snow
  • Soft Pack (CTI 50-70)
  • Moderate Pack (CTI 70-80)
  • Hard Pack (CTI 80-90)
  • Ice; Frozen or Melting; Indoor and Outdoor

    Winter Testing Areas

  • Handling Course
  • Road Course
  • Grades
  • Ice Lane with J-turns
  • Vehicle Dynamics Areas: Terminal Apron (2,200'x250'),     Taxiway (8,400'x75'), Runway (8,400'x150')

    NATC Tests to National and International Standards

  • ISO 3888 - Obstacle Avoidance
  • RMA Definition for Passenger Car and Light Truck Use in Severe Snow     Conditions
  • ISO 2631 - Ride Quality
  • Over 35 ASTM Standards Including:
  • SAE J57 - Sound Level of Truck Tires
  • E274 - Skid Resistance
  • SAE J341 - Truck and Bus Tire Performance
  • E445 - Stopping Distance
  • SAE J345a - Passenger Car Tire Peak and     Locked Wheel Braking Traction
  • F377 - Braking Force
  • SAE J1060 - Subjective Rating Scale
  • F408 - Wet Traction Braking
  • SAE J1269, J1270, J1379, J1380 - Rolling     Resistance
  • F870, F970 - Tread Footprints
  • SAE J1981 - Road Hazard
  • F1016 - Treadwear Data Analysis
  • SAE J1987 - Force and Moment
  • F1426 - Irregular Wear Patterns
  • SAE J2014 - Military Tires
  • F1650 - Tire Traction Under Varying Conditions
  • SAE J2429 - Free-Rolling Cornering
  • F1922 - Tire Test Method
  • SAE J1466
  • F1805 - "Standard Test Method for Single Wheel Driving Traction in a     Straight Line on Snow and Ice Covered Surfaces"
  • Tire Test Personnel

  • Test Engineer
  • Test Technicians
  • Tire Technicians
  • Instrumentation Technicians
  • Maintenance Technicians

    For additional information please contact Mr. Brett Horachek, Program Manager at 775-629-2000 or


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