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SAE Testing

NATC conducts a comprehensive array of performance tests in accordance with SAE standards. The proving ground's capabilities are not limited to these standard tests. NATC has the flexibility and experience to design special tests to meet a client's specialized testing needs.

A broad range of SAE testing is available, as follows:

AS8090 Mobility, Towed Aerospace Ground Equipment, General Requirements For
J57 Sound Level of Highway Truck Tires
J161 Selection of Tires for Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle, Light-, Medium- and Heavy-Duty Trucks, Buses, Trailers and Semi trailers for Normal Highway Service
J198 Windshield Wiper Systems--Trucks, Buses, And Multipurpose Vehicles
J201 In-Service Brake Performance Test Procedure - Passenger-Car And Light-Duty Truck
J209 Instrument Face Design And Location For Construction And Industrial Equipment
J260 Rear Underride Guard Test Procedure
J266 Steady-State Directional Control Test Procedures for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks
J294 (R) Service Brake Structural Integrity Test Procedure-Vehicles Over 4500 kg (10 000 lb) GVWR
J299 Stopping Distance Test Procedure
J331 Sound Levels For Motorcycles
J336 (R) Sound Level For Truck Cab Interior
J341 Truck and Bus Tire Performance Requirements and Test Procedures
J345 Wet or Dry Pavement Passenger Car Tire Peak and Locked Wheel Braking Traction
J366 Exterior Sound Level for Heavy Trucks and Buses
J377 (R) Performance Of Vehicle Traffic Horns
J381 Windshield Defrosting Systems Test Procedure and Performance Requirements Trucks, Buses, and Multipurpose Vehicles
J384 Motor Vehicle Seat Belt Anchorages-Test Procedure
J638 Motor Vehicle Heater Test Procedure
J680 Location And Operation Of Instruments And Controls In Motor Truck Cabs
J682 Rear Wheel Splash And Stone Throw Protection
J684 Trailer Couplings, Hitches And Safety Chains--Automotive Type
J689 Curbstone Clearance, Approach, Departure, And Ramp Breakover Angles--Passenger Car And Light Truck
J695 Turning Ability And Off Tracking--Motor Vehicles
J700 Upper Coupler Kingpin - Commercial Trailers And Semitrailers
J726 Air Cleaner Test Code
J786 Brake System Road Test Code--Truck, Bus, And Combination Of Vehicles
J819 Engine Cooling System Field Test (Air-To-Boil)
J843 Brake System Road Test Code - Passenger Car And Light-Duty Truck
J848 Fifth Wheel Kingpin, Heavy-Duty - Commercial Trailers And Semitrailers
J875 Trailer Axle Alignment
J902 Passenger Car Windshield Defrosting Systems
J918 Passenger Car Tire Performance Requirements and Test Procedures
J919 Sound Measurement--Off-Road Work Machines--Operator--Singular Type
J941 Motor Vehicle Drivers' Eye Locations
J942b Passenger Car Windshield Washer Systems
J953 Passenger Car Backlight Defogging System
J994 Alarm--Backup--Electric Laboratory Performance Testing
J1025 Test Procedures For Measuring Truck Tire Revolutions Per Mile
J1050 Describing And Measuring The Driver's Field Of View
J1060 Subject Rating Scale for Evaluation of Noises and Ride Comfort Characteristics Related to Motor Vehicle Tires
J1101 (R) Test Procedure For Parking Stability Of Motorcycles
J1168 (R) Motorcycle Bank Angle Measurement Procedure
J1247 Simulated Mountain-Brake Performance Test Procedure
J1250 In-Service Brake Performance Test Procedure-Vehicles Over 4,500 kg (10,000 lb)
J1263 Road Load Measurement And Dynamometer Simulation Using Coastdown Techniques
J1269 Rolling Resistance Measurement Procedure for Passenger Car and Light Truck Tires
J1270 Measurement of Passenger Car, Light Truck and Highway Truck and Bus Tire Rolling Resistance
J1287 Measurement Of Exhaust Sound Levels Of Stationary Motorcycles
J1293 Undervehicle Coupon Corrosion Tests
J1379 Rolling Resistance Measurement Procedure for Highway Truck and Bus Tires
J1380 The Measurement of Highway Truck and Bus Tire Rolling Resistance
J1393 On-Highway Truck Cooling Test Code
J1404 (R) Service Brake Structural Integrity Requirements - Vehicles Over 10,000 lb (4,500 kg) GVWR
J1441-98 Subjective Rating Scale For Vehicle Handling
J1452 Trailer Grade Parking Performance Test Procedure
J1477 Measurement of Interior Sound Levels of Light Vehicles
J1511 Steering For Off-Road, Rubber-Tired Machines
J1535 Performance Test For Windshield Defrosting Systems For Off-Road, Self-Propelled Work Machines
J1578 (R) Motorcycle Side Stand Retraction Test Procedure
J1626 Braking, Stability, And Control Performance Test Procedures For Air-Brake-Equipped Trucks
J1666 Electric Vehicle Acceleration, Gradeability, And Deceleration Test Procedure
J1667 Snap-Acceleration Smoke Test Procedure For Heavy-Duty Diesel Powered Vehicles
J1950 Proving Ground Vehicle Corrosion Testing
J1981 Road Hazard Impact Test for Wheel and Tire Assemblies (Passenger Car, Light Truck and Multipurpose Vehicles)
J1987 Force and Moment Test Method
J2014 Pneumatic Tires for Military Tactical Wheeled Vehicles
J2038 Engine Weight, Dimensions, Center Of Gravity, And Moment Of Inertia
J2101 Acoustics-Measurement of Airborne Noise Emitted By Construction Equipment Intended for Outdoor Use-Method for Determining Compliance With Noise Limits
J2180 A Tilt Table Procedure for Measuring the Static Rollover Threshold for Heavy Trucks
J2181 Steady-State Circular Test Procedure for Trucks and Buses
J2245 Recommended Practice For Splash And Spray Evaluation
J2358 Low Speed Vehicles
J2429 Free-Rolling Cornering Test for Truck Tires

In addition, NATC develops specialized tests to simulate a broad range of operational conditions.


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