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Computer Aided Engineering Facilities

NATC has both Intel-based and UNIX workstations for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computer Aided Design (CAD). FEA is performed using MSC.FEA, MSC.Nastran for Windows, and EDS I-DEAS.

Several different CAD programs are used depending on the application. For electrical schematic drawings, NATC utilizes OrCAD. AutoCAD is used for fabrication drawings. Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, and I-DEAS are used for 3-D part design.

MSC.ADAMS software is used for 3-D modeling and dynamics analysis of multi-body systems including full vehicles and vehicle subsystems. MATLAB/Simulink, by The Mathworks, is used for design and analysis of vehicle control systems, such as braking systems and transmissions.

When required, Simulink control system models are used in ADAMS vehicle models to ensure proper operation of vehicle subsystems during virtual proving ground evaluations of vehicle characteristics (e.g. performance, handling, stability, braking, etc.). Finite element models of components can also be imported into ADAMS to simulate the flexibility of components (e.g. control arms and frame rails) and determine the stresses imparted to those components.


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