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Advanced Vehicle Systems

Through its work with electronics systems, vehicle dynamics and handling, and driver/vehicle interface, NATC has developed a vast body of knowledge applicable to Anti-lock Braking Systems, Traction Control Systems, Central Tire Inflation, active and semi-active suspensions, electronic engine and transmission control optimization, state-of-the-art collision warning and collision avoidance systems, and supplemental restraint (airbag) technology.

In addition, NATC has worked extensively in systems integration. Only when a new technology is actually integrated into a complete vehicle package can a valid study of total performance be made. NATC has the capability to do the integration, then evaluate the complete vehicle, exploring, for example, the interaction between ABS and engine exhaust brakes on large vehicles, the relative effects of tire type, size, and loading on ABS systems, and the lateral traction considerations of ABS and TCS as they affect total vehicle system performance. NATC has developed computer simulations and performed instrumented tests for both on-road and off-road ABS and TCS applications.

NATC has developed parameters and performed prototype fabrication for independent suspension systems on heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles. Active and semi-active suspensions have been fabricated and evaluated in a variety of both on- and off-road vehicle systems. NATC also has researched, developed and tested numerous CTI systems and applications.


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